Pursuing Christian Maturity

Grace Baptist Church Winter Quarter 2008/2009 Adult Sunday School


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Course consists of selected lessons from: A Handbook for Christian Maturity By Bill Bright (ISBN: 1563990407, ISBN-13: 9781563990403).


Students can get a copy of the book for $14.99 at ChristianBooks.com, or use the online study guides on Campus Crusade's web site at: http://www.tenbasicsteps.org/english/studyindex.htm)



Winter Quarter 2009 Lesson Plan:

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Lesson 1:    The Need for God's Word

Lesson 2:    The Purpose of Prayer

Lesson 3:    To Whom Should We Pray

Lesson 4:    A Guide to Effective Daily Prayer

Lesson 5:    How To Pray With Power

Lesson 6:    God's Promises About Prayer

Lesson 7:    Obedience - The Key to Knowing God's Will

Lesson 8:    Insincere Obedience

Lesson 9:    Personal Purity

Lesson 10:   Obedience and the Tongue

Lesson 11:   Judging Rightly

Lesson 12:   God's Ownership Over All

Lesson 13:   Stewardship of Our Time

Lesson 14:   Our Accountability to God



Fall Quarter 2008 Lesson Plan:



Lesson 1:    Jesus Christ Living in the Christian

Lesson 2:    The Christ Controlled Life

Lesson 3:    Five Principles of Growth

Lesson 4:    What is the Christian Life

Lesson 5:    Appraising Your Spiritual Life

Lesson 6:    Living Abundantly

Lesson 7:    The Abiding Life

Lesson 8:    The Cleansed Life

Lesson 9:    Victorious in Spiritual Warfare

Lesson 10:    Attitude Makes the Difference

Lesson 11:    Why So Few Christians Are Filled With the Holy Spirit

Lesson 12:    How You Can Be Filled With the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 13:    How You Can Know When You Are Filled With the Holy Spirit

Lesson 14:    How You Can Continue to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit