What About the Sabbath?

Last year I listened to several radio sermons by Alistair Begg (truthforlife  minstries) concerning the Sabbath. Those sermons left me with many questions about the Sabbath, why we really worship on Sunday, and what kinds of activities are appropriate for Sundays.

To answer these questions I began searching the internet for information on the Sabbath and Sunday worship.

Like many topics on the internet, it’s easy to find information and opinions, but it’s been challenging to find authoritative information.  This week I finally found a well-documented article that was based on (1) the Bible and,  (2) church history. The article answered all of my primary questions. If you have similar questions about the Sabbath you should read Sabbath and Sunday in Early Christianity

Please don’t be turned off by the fact that the article is hosted on the web site of the organization that used to be known as the Worldwide Church of God.  The Worldwide Church of God renounced Herbert W. Armstrong’s teaching in the 1990’s and since then has embraced all of the tenants of the historic Christian faith. They now seem to be solidly evangelical. Note: in April 2009, they changed their denominational name to Grace Communion International.

For more information on how the Worldwide Church of God has changed from cultic to evangelical see the article The Worldwide Church of God: Resurrected into Orthodoxy  by the Christian Research Institute.

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